Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The things you never thought you'd miss!

On my way out to Cedar Creek Ranch today to palpate a few more cows and get some more AI practice in, it started snowing! I never ever thought I would be happy to see snowfall. But, that was when I wasn't used to the first snowfall hitting on November 17th! I am so used to it being snowy and cold from September to April, that I was excited to get away from that...or so I thought!

As the title of this blog states, there are some things that you never thought you would miss. Snow was one of those things and on the top of my list! As I spend more and more time in the "southern" half of the U.S., I realize more and more things that I miss about South Dakota. Here's my nice list and explanation for them:

#1. Small town life! I hate being in a big city (and Manhattan really isn't extremely big-My roomie does consider it rural!) I love listening to the coyotes howl at night and being able to look up at the sky and see the stars! Here, I here sirens, drunks running around, FIRE ALARMS, and cars alll niigghhtt llooonnnggg!

#2. Chores! Yeah, this one may sound a little strange! But you try living on a farm your whole life, spending your whole summer getting up every morning to do chores and work with show cattle, and then all of a sudden, you have to pay college tuition and take a lab to even touch a cow! It's rough, I'm tellin ya!

#3. My show cattle! I miss working with show cattle everyday! I love being in the show barn and in the show ring, but it's hard for that the lifestyle I was so used to and love doing is now all 9 hours north of me! Can Not WAIT for this summer when I am back in that barn!

#4. Snow! Yeah, yeah, yeah, you've all heard me complain about snow before! But put this into perspective. When you are in Kansas, in August, when the temperature is 85 and the humidity is'd be wishing to make snow angels too! I can deal with the cold a lot better than I can deal with the humidity! Now I'm not saying I want feet and feet and feet of snow! But enough to dust the sidewalks and get stuck to your eyelashes would be awesome!

And of course there are other things that I miss too-family, friends, the comforts of "home"-but these are the ones that came to mind today as I was walking to class with the rain-that turned to sleet-that turned to snow-that turned to sleet-that turned to rain all within about 2.5 hours! :)

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  1. Don't worry... Brookings made up for that weather today. It was 17 all day long and it snowed all day...I love that it's the first snow of the season this late!!