Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Because We Care

I've gotten into the habit of searching youtube videos about different agriculture related topics recently, and I came across this one. The first positive video I have seen in a very long time! I encourage all of you to check it out!

A few things I noticed about this video were, well obviously the adorable little girl that was the best emcee for a video that you can find! But also that they never said anything about being "better" than anything else, never tried to necessarily promote the beef industry or agriculture, they simply stated the facts. They took you into their farm and showed you how they were caring for their animals. They showed you the things that PETA, the HSUS, vegetarians, and vegans DON'T want you to see! So thank you to that family for taking the time to make a video to share with everyone about what the beef and cattle industry is really like! I found a similar video for dairy cattle as well.

One thing I have noticed through my video surfing is that most of these videos that are incorrectly showing what agriculture and the livestock industry is about use the same footage! Do they all happen to be at the same place at once while they catch the small small percentage of people that do mistreat animals? or can they not find more footage because majority of farmers and ranchers actually know how to properly care for livestock? Something to think about...

One other video I would like to mention {but I will not post the link because it is so inaccurate I don't want to advertise it} is one promoting being a vegan. Yes, we are back to my vegan post now! These two young men were showing you footage of locker plants, pig farms, and chicken cages(back to the previous paragraph, yes, it was the same footage I have seen in a hundred different videos!) But, beyond that, they started out the video with a riddle. What consumes most of the water in the United States? What is a cause for greenhouse gases? What consumes most of the nation's plant food production? and then they go onto talking about livestock. Ok, first off, yes livestock consume a lot of water! HELLO...they are big animals!! and in several places, the livestock out number the people! So, of course they are consuming water, but so far, there is not a huge water shortage in this country, so until that day comes, I'm not too worried about it. Secondly, greenhouse gases..really? You are going to compare the animals that are used for several different purposes to the millions and millions and millions of people who could easily walk to work but choose to drive? Are you kidding me?! and thirdly, If you are giving me the choice between a pile of oats on a plate and a big `ol rib-eye steak...the oats don't exactly make my mouth water! Yes, it may possibly be true that if we fed the grain we are feeding to the livestock to the human population, we could possibly solve world hunger. But, when you think about it, that's not very rational considering Americans want to eat food that looks good, smells good, and tastes good! Grain and crops don't exactly cover that! So, bring on my cows, my fresh water, and my big juicy steak and I will be a happy girl!


  1. Honestly, I like reading your blog but anything you post except stories about class are highly inaccurate. Really you think if people start walking to work it will make up for all energy that is used by cattle production? I think you should check your facts. This country is not currently facing a water crisis but we are on the very brink of one. I think if beef-eaters checked their health status against those who eat "grains" you would see we are spending so much more on the obesity epidemic caused by beef that by eliminating so much bad fats in our diet we would save American billions of dollars every year in health care costs....this might make up for all of those bad Americans driving to work!

  2. To the previous comment, I don't think she said anywhere that Americans who drive to work were "bad" just that it was an inaccurate comparison. And she didn't say that the beef was healthier than anything. She stated that Americans as a whole want to eat something that (quote on quote) "looks good, smells good, and tastes good!"
    And how can you twist around facts to say that beef is causing the health care costs? Maybe you should check your facts!

  3. Hey guys, I don't know who you all are, but I would just like to clear up the air on these comments.

    First one-Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate that. My stories are all on my own personal experiences or opinions on topics. I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be. I appreciate your input, but please keep in mind, these are simply my opinions about things that I see.

    Second comment-I appreciate your input as well! Thank you for taking the time to read this and to respond to the comment.

    Thank you both for reading this and I hope you continue to in the future!