Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HB 1237 turns SD into a comedy act!

 First off, before I start my rant about this particular bill, I would like to make the point that Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! This blog completely consists of my OPINION! Not necessarily the facts or the opinions of others! I apologize for the poor quality of the image below. If you would like to see the bill clearly, you can access it by following this link:

For those of you wondering, yes, the above bill is one that was seriously written, seriously presented, and seriously currently circulating around the capitol building in Pierre! The point of the bill was to bring attention the federal Healthcare law. The representatives and senators that signed onto this bill find it unacceptable and unconstitutional that the federal government can force people to buy something for their own protection.

So, when the state of South Dakota is in dire need of funds to properly educate the youth of our state to continue them down the path of success and knowledge that we have so heartedly laid out before us, what do we do? We waste time on bills like this!
When the state of South Dakota is facing budget deficits so strong that nursing homes are at the risk of being shut down and the elderly have no other place to go and no Medicaid to fund them (because that is being cut too), What do we do? We waste time on bills like this!
When non-profit organizations that depend on the support of the state and the donations from SD citizens are receiving cuts from legislation and are being forced to tighten the belt that is already 2 sizes too small, what do we do? We waste time on bills like this!

I understand that you should never disrespect somebody's opinion and only debate with the facts. Well, this is not a debate, they have no facts,  and South Dakota is currently the laughing stock of the nation! I am not here to disrespect the opinions of the 5 legislators that signed onto this bill, I respect that they are trying to raise awareness of the healthcare bill and trying to bring attention to that, but I simply feel that this was not the best way to do it!
I am appalled that my tax dollars are being spent to pay a legislator to write up a bill that they themselves have no faith in passing! I know, the fact that the legislators honestly do not get paid much and it didn't waste a whole bunch of time are valid arguments as well. But as a  member of society and a registered voter in the state of South Dakota, I am offended that these legislators would think so little of their constituents that they would spend any time at all on this!  These men themselves have stated that they do not believe this bill will pass(as it shouldn't) and have no desire to actually have a law like this. Yes, I've read several different articles and seen numerous comments on those articles and agree with several of them! The thing is, with several of those comments, people believe that this false bill is actually doing something about "Obamacare" as it is commonly referred as. Well, News Flash, this is doing NOTHING (except lowering SD's image at the national level to a bunch of hicks and morons who don't know the first thing about running a state government)! The federal law is not going to automatically change because of what some small town South Dakota legislators typed up on their computer and signed their name to! Sorry, just doesn't work that way! If people in South Dakota honestly believe that something needs to be done about healthcare, they should be contacting Senators Johnson and Thune, and Representative Noem. Those 3 people are the only ones that can honestly change the course of the federal government. 

Now, as far as this bill goes, it's simply unrelated to the healthcare bill! The healthcare bill has good intentions of helping US Citizens who have not had insurance in the past or have been denied coverage! The intention of the bill is to help citizens get medical attention when they most need it. Forcing every citizen to own a gun? For the "self defense of themselves and other?" Last time I checked, self-defense was defending yourself, simple defense would be defending others. But if every citizen already had a weapon, we wouldn't need others defense. Which would also mean we could eliminate a few police forces and save a few bucks there, right? How idiotic! 

Remember South Dakota (especially those of you in districts 12, 29, 06, 30, & 04), these are the people we elected to represent us in the state house and state senate! Is this how you want to be represented? Or are you willing to take a stand and step up and say something? Remember this incident when you go to elect, or re-elect, officials in 2 years!

Again, for the record, this is completely my opinion! If you disagree, that's great! But think about it, it's a complete waste of time! Why worry about the carp when we've got catfish to fry!?

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