Sunday, January 23, 2011

What If...

First off, I apologize for not posting results of the winter calf shows that we went to over my break! In Brookings, Bailey's steers looked very good, but didn't win any classes. Kaitlyn and Savannah were 2nd and 3rd in class behind Jordan Mack's very good Charolais heifer. My heifer would have been great competition for Stephanie(Jordan's sister who was showing the heifer), however, she got hurt in the chute right before we walked in the ring and couldn't walk right, so I left her stand in the stall. I would have rather left her there than taken her in the ring and had her get beat because she couldn't walk right. We ended up not going to Mitchell because of the weather. We didn't want to get stranded there.
Jenae Hansen, Rob Foiles, Senator Jason Frerichs,
Caroline Hansen, and Erin Wilson!

So, onto the current happenings! I spent my 2 days in the capitol building this session! Sadly, I will probably not make it back again, but I really wish I could. I absolutely love being in Pierre during session! Thank God for the internet and the live feeds of committee meetings and sessions. There will be some interesting bills coming through soon, and if I can't be there to listen to them being argued live, the next best thing is listening online! Of course, I expect that if anything really important comes up, Mr. Jason Frerichs will be calling me! :) (We'll see if he reads this!)
Talking with Rep. Sigdestad
and Rep. Feickert

Relating to the title of this blog, I listened to the song "What If" by Dustin Evans today on my way back to Kansas and it got me thinking. In case you haven't heard it before, Here is the chorus of it...

What if you don't have what it takes,
What if you fall flat on your face,
What if it's all time gone to waste,
Cause your dreams may never come true,
But What If they do!

And then the very last part of the song goes...

What if you do have what it takes,
What if you learn from your mistakes
What if there's nothing in the way
Of all your dreams coming true
What If they do!

My good friend Senator Jason Frerichs, Senate Minority Leader!
I have a dream of being a state Representative someday. I want to represent the people of my district in Pierre during session and hopefully help out and make our state a better place to live in. But I start second guessing myself sometimes. What if I'm not the kind of person that can help lead a state? What if I don't know enough about legislation to be a Rep? What if I run and get shot down in the election? But, then again, What if my 4-H background has prepared me enough to lead better than anyone! And What if I know more about legislation than I give myself credit for! And What if the people of my district trust me enough to send me to Pierre to better this wonderful state!

I can do it! I can be a great Representative in this state! I can help lead this state in the direction it needs to go! I can, and I WILL!
Jenae Hanse, Sen. Jim Hundstad, Caroline Hansen
District 2 Senator and his favorite Hansen Girls! :)


  1. Keep that dream of serving in the legislature. We need more young people willing to work for the citizens of our state. When you run send me a fund raising letter. I want to help out.

    Nick Nemec

  2. Darn Right little sister! You do have what it takes to be a great legislator in the State of South Dakota. Right now stick to being a good leader and that will carry you all the way to the state capitol someday.

    Legislators at a recent workshop session I took were asked to say "Why them, why are they more qualified for this job (as a state legislator) than anyone else?" The truth is that anyone can do it. We each have our own skill sets to bring to the table in Pierre. It's having that initiative to take charge and believe in the State of South Dakota and the skills that made you the great leader you are today!

  3. Having the passion and committment to be involved and make a positive impact are definite skills that you have which qualify you to be a Legislator. Keep learning and developing the talents you have and you will be set for success.