Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Legislative Session

Capitol building in Pierre, South Dakota
Well, it's that time of year again! Students go back to school, Ranchers start to calve, Snow plows are pushing full force(well, in South Dakota anyway) and those elected officials that we voted into office last November have started the long process of reading bills, voting, and creating the base for the next year of our state! South Dakota's voters made several changes to our house and senate and it will be a fun and interesting year of opportunity for learning and change, some for good-others maybe not! But only time will tell what South Dakota's future holds.

Senator Jason Frerichs and myself
February 2010(when he was still Representative Frerichs!)
The capitol building in Pierre is one of the most beautiful that I have seen! (I may be slightly biased though!) It is also one of my favorite places to be during session! I have not always been so interested in politics! I used to be like most United States citizens and not like politics. I always thought politicians were just rude, arrogant, self-centered people who wanted to be in control. Then a good friend of mine was elected into the South Dakota House of Representatives.  Representative Jason Frerichs was one of the, if not the youngest member in the state legislature. That year, I shadowed Senator Jim Hundstad and learned more about the capitol building itself than I ever knew before.  My whole mindset about politics has changed! Senator Hundstad is still a senator, and Representative Frerichs is now Senator Frerichs, but I have become more involved with the political happenings and realized that it is so important for young folks to get involved because their voice really is heard and they truly can make a difference!

4-Her's and Great 4-H supporters
Erin Wilson, Rep. Frank Kloucek
Jenae Hansen, Rep. H. Paul Dennert,
and myself
McGovern Days 2010
So, regardless of what party you choose to be part of as you get to voting age, make your voice heard! Your representatives and senators want to hear form you and are there to help and better the state you live in! Please, don't be one of the many South Dakota and United States Citizens that do not get out and vote, or do not let their voice be heard and then get upset with the decisions that were made! I do not agree with everything that they do, but when those situations come up, I make sure they hear my side and my opinion!

You can keep tabs on the South Dakota legislature by going to
You can also find out who your legislators are on this website. There is also a link to contact them, and all their contact information available to you! There is a reason it is there, USE IT! :)

Representative Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin, myself, Erin Wilson, and Jenae Hansen
Stephanie was, in my opinion, one of the best representatives that South Dakota
has ever had in Washington.  She will be greatly missed and I hope she continues to
 better South Dakota with her warm heart and her welcoming smile!

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