Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Time for Everything...

Ever heard the phrase "There's a first time for everything?" How about "Opposites Attract?"  Well, so far this year, both of them have affected me greatly! And both have proven to be correct!

Starting school here at K-State, I always thought I would become best friends with other Animal Science majors and other cowgirls/cowboys. But, God had a different plan for me! I originally had applied to live in Haymaker Hall, but ended up in Moore Hall 8th floor. Ruddy Yanez applied to be in Ford Hall, but ended up in Moore Hall 8th floor. Stephanie Birdsall applied for Haymaker Hall, but ended up in Moore Hall 8th floor. We all have extremely different backgrounds, different wants in life, different desires and dreams, but somehow we all ended up together in this place! 

Ruddy was born and raised in Kansas, but her family is Mexican. It has been very interesting to hear her story listen to her talk about her family! Stephanie is from New Mexico, Georgia, South Carolina, and now Kansas. She was born into a military family, her dad being a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Military. Her stories about being raised in many different places are so very interesting and I respect her father so much for his service to our country!

So, how do a Mexican, a City-girl, and a Cowgirl become best friends? That is something we have yet to figure out! Ruddy and I are both small-town girls. Steph is a city girl. Steph and I are both the baby in the family. Ruddy is the oldest. I am from South Dakota, Ruddy and Steph both live in Kansas. We are so different, yet we all get along so well! I guess God had a plan, and they are apart of my present!

So, as to a first time for everything...well, I had the honor of escorting Steph and Ruddy to their first ever RODEO! Yes, I took the girls to the K-State Rodeo in Weber Arena last weekend! It was fun to be able to explain all the events to them and help them understand my way of life! Gave them a little bit of insight into the Cowboy Ways! I think they enjoyed it, and we may have found a new tradition every year for us to participate in! :)

I hope that we can continue to strengthen our friendship! We already do almost everything together! We all knit/crochet, eat supper together every night, we even all got sick at the same time (not a tradition I think we should continue though)! It is a friendship I never saw coming, but it is one of the best things that has happened to me! I love you girls and I thank God everyday that you are a part of my life!


  1. Love it Caroline! You have a way of captivating when you write =)
    God was definitely on to something when he denied our 1st choice of halls ;) ..now, if only he would've placed us all on a lower floor... lol
    I love that picture of us! Thanks for answering my questions that night, it was fun and something we should definitely continue doing...EXCEPT getting sick =P (stay away from my spleen ;) LMAO