Monday, June 25, 2012

Plans Change, Friendships Develop, Summer's here!

Since moving home from college in May, my plans have changed on almost a daily basis! I've only been to 1 cattle show and didn't even take any of my own cattle; I haven't seen the friends I intended to; My intention to take a summer class fell through; And yet, I have been just as busy as ever! It seems like all big brother and I have been doing is working cows, working cows, and then working cows again. We've been busy prepping cows and putting in embryos, which I love to do, but it's forced me to decide what's important. The cows have been placed #1 on our list this summer, and therefore put our show cattle on the back burner. 
1 of the 2 SD Senior Team Fitting Teams.
Carli, David, Calder, and Jaden

We just got back from the Charolais Junior Nationals this past week and I didn't take any cattle. This was a very strange feeling, but good at the same time. By not taking any of my own, I was able to help my friends with their show cattle. I still competed in the photography contest, the Team Quiz Bowl Competition, and the Team Fitting Competition. In those, I won Reserve Champion Black and White Photo in the Senior Division and Reserve Champion Quiz Bowl Team. I also got to catch up with great friends that I do not see very often because of the huge distance between us!

SD Girls
Reserve Champion Quiz Bowl Team
Cagney, Abbey, Carli, Cally, and Jill
The AIJCA (American International Junior Charolais Association) Junior Nationals Show and Leadership Conference is a great place to build connections within the Charolais breed and beyond that! You meet so many great people and young breeders who are all striving for the same goal, to be successful within the Charolais breed! Whether that success be in the show ring or outside, we all want to be known for having great cattle. What better way to get there than to have friends in other states with the same goals!? Junior Nationals is always a fun time, even when you don't take cattle of your own. Next year will be my last year, and it will be held in Texarkana, USA! Already excited and planning for this long roadtrip!
William, Jenae, Carli, and Cody.
These boys are good friends of mine from Washington.

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